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Removing Groupwise (Native Mail) from your iOS Device

Once the campus email system has been migrated to Google (on December 14th, 2012), the existing Groupwise account on your mobile device will no longer synchronize your email, calendar and contact entries.  In order to continue synchronizing your email, calendar and contacts, you will need to create a Google account on your mobile device by following the appropriate instructions for your device.

To disable or remove your NotifyLink (GroupWise) account on your mobile device:

Apple iOS Devices

1.  From the device's "home" screen, click on "Settings".

2.  Select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars".

3.  Near the top of the page, select your NotifyLink account.  As it was named by you when creating your account, the account name may vary.  It's usually called "GroupWise".  It should say "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" in small print below the account name.

4.  You should now see the account setting screen.  You can choose to disable or delete your NotifyLink account.  Choose one of the options below:
  • To delete the account, click on the red Delete Account button.  When prompted, choose to remove the data from your device (if you don't remove the data from your device, you will end up with duplicate calendar entries and contacts once you setup your Google account).