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Android Native App - Email


These instructions are for Android versions 2.2 and above.  For Android versions 2.1 and below, please use the K-9 App is recommended (see

If you are using the SCU wireless system (BroncoWiFi), you will need to make sure you've logged into the wireless network before proceeding.  To login, open a webpage on your mobile device (use an off-campus page like or other page to see the login page).

Before setting up a mobile device (or IMAP/POP/ActiveSync client) for the first time, you will need to set your Google Apps Mobile device password.  You can do this step on either your computer or mobile device.


To use the native Google email app (which is different than the GMail app), follow the steps below.  You only have to do this once.

1.  Open the Accounts & Sync Settings screen on your device.  You can do this in Contacts by pressing Menu and pressing Accounts, or directly in the Settings application.

2.  Touch Add account.

3.  Touch Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.  (NOTE that some older versions of Android will call this a "Corporate" account instead of "Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync".)

4.  Enter in your full email address as your username, then enter in your Google Apps Mobile device password (NOT your network ID password) for Password.  Press Next.

5.  Your device MAY prompt with a data-use warning.  If so, click on OK to proceed with the setup.

6.  Verify that your full email address appears under Email address.  For Domain, enter in GOOGLE.  For User name, enter in your full email address.  Your password should already appear as you entered it on the previous screen.  Press Next to continue.

7.  The Android device will attempt to find the server, but it will fail, prompting you to manually enter in the server name.  Enter in and press Next.

8.  You may receive a Remote security administration pop-up.  Click OK to continue.

9.  Verify your account options and click on Next.

10.  Name your account SCU Google Apps (or whatever you choose to name it) and click on Done.

Synchronization will start within a few seconds.  Just launch email, calendar or contacts from your device's home or applications screen.

Add Other Apps

If an app isn't already installed on your device, such as Google Docs or Google Apps Lookup, search for it on Google Play.  Most Android apps by Google can be installed for free.