Can I access my Google Mail and Calendar on my mobile device? 

Yes, we support mobile access of email, calendar, and contacts on your mobile devices.  For general information, see the Google Apps learning center documentation.  For specific devices, see the documentation listed below.

Step One
Before you set up your mobile device, we recommend you first login to your Google Apps account on a computer and make sure your calendar and contacts migrated successfully from GroupWise (if applicable).  You may also want to perform some cleanup activities with your contacts and calendar before proceeding.

Please note that for contacts to appear on your mobile device, they must be in the contacts group "My Contacts".  This is the main contact group within Google Apps and is created by default.  Any contacts you remove from "My Contacts" will not synchronize with your mobile device.

Step Two
Before setting up a mobile device (or IMAP/POP/ActiveSync client) for the first time, you will need to set your Google Apps Mobile device password.

Step Three
  • I do not currently access my SCU GroupWise email on my mobile device - Go to Step Four.
  • I currently access my SCU GroupWise email on my mobile device - remove the account from your device. If you use NotifyLink follow the instructions below for removing NotifyLink from your device.
Step Four
Follow the appropriate link below for your device to access the instructions for installing your device's native email and calendaring apps or the GMail app.
Apple iOS
Other Devices

Can I get SMS alerts for my Google calendar on my mobile device? 

Yes, you can enable mobile notifications in Google Calendar (U.S. only). For details, see the Google Help Center .

How do I open attachments on an iOS device? 

There are a number of ways to opening an email attachment from your mail client app on your mobile device. One of the most efficient ways is selecting Google Drive as your default application for opening and storing attachments. Further, the Google Drive app will allow you to view documents while not connected to the internet or a mobile network. Note - editing is not available while off line.

For more details, click here.