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Setting up Mac Mail


1) Launch Apple's Mac Mail

2) If this is your first time launching the application fill out the "Welcome to Mail" screen, if not go to Preference > Accounts and select the plus (+) symbol to Add a new account then continue with these instructions.
  • Full Name = "Your Full Name"
  • Email Address = your full "" address (example:
  • Password = your unique SCU Gmail Mobile password
    Select Continue

3) Fill out the Incoming Mail Server screen
  • Account Type = IMAP
  • Description = SCU Gmail
  • Incoming Mail Server =
  • User Nameyour full "" address (example:
  • Password = your unique SCU Gmail Mobile password
    Select Continue

4) Fill out the Outgoing Mail Server screen
  • Description = SCU Gmail
  • Outgoing Mail Server =
  • User Name = your full "" address (example:
  • Password = your unique SCU Gmail Mobile password
    Confirm that both "Use only this server" & "Use Authentication" are checked
    Select Continue

5) On the Account Summary screen confirm your settings are correct and select Create